Monday, July 22, 2013


My eye hurts! I'm unhappy! My eye is gooey from the medicine! This is making my eye sting!

To sum up, dabbing antibiotic ointment in one's eyelid for the treatment of a bacterial infection is gooey and inconvenient. (A phrase never used in advertising: gooey and inconvenient.) Seven more doses left. I am mad that medicating this one small body part affects the whole of me. I feel bleary and not just in my right eye. Argh!

Linking to my friend Elizabeth's piece about being struck by the sacred while going through the quotidian grind. She's a strong flavor and a sweetie. She says it's very funny that she's participating in the woo these days after being such a skeptic for so long.

Now I know another person who sliced off a fingertip with a mandoline. Be very careful. Use the grip handle if you have one. If you don't have one, consider throwing away the damn mandoline and just using a deadly, yet safer for your fingertips, knife.

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