Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My eye feels better. I'm sure the meds did their work but it certainly felt good to stop putting the stinging gel in my eye every four hours too. I can put on eyeliner and mascara on both eyes again and I feel less plain.

During the thunderstorm yesterday, Katy: Can I take the Japanese umbrella outside?
Me: Do you mean the silk parasol? No!!
Katy: But I don't have an umbrella. It's an umbrella, right?
Me: No, it's a parasol which means for-the-sun and it's old and silk and no!
Add umbrella (2, because I'm sure umbrella equity will be important to the small scorekeepers) to the shopping list. I evaded the grocery store last weekend and our list is about to overflow its small rectangle of paper.

We've had lovely rain for a couple of days and temps that seem autumnal. But we're going back to steamy today. 

Rearranged Katy's room on Sunday. She had a plan and I provided the muscle. Some things were thrown out and most of them got off the floor which pleased me. We all cleaned up the living room and I think we'd better have someone over quickly before the effect wears off. 

I started watching Game of Thrones as pop culture homework. I'm liking it better as we go along but I'm not in love yet. I like that our stolid good guy Ned Stark is not the hero. He's honorable but short sighted and reactionary. I respond to three characters as heroes: Arya, Tyrion and of course Daenerys (kind of hate that name, glad we can call her the Khalisi). Nod and I are both staying up too late to watch. Four more episodes for season one and then we only have 2/3 of the available spoilers to avoid. 

Do I have a mantra? "Another chance to start again" is one of my favorite world explaining phrases. I truly believe that it's a message I am here to learn.

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