Thursday, July 11, 2013


Just reminded by Mighty Girl's post about my need to have certain summer experiences in order to feel seasonally fulfilled. I think I'm well on my way to summervana.

  • Watermelon. Yes! I have to steel myself not to buy any until the very end of June because the early ones are rarely any good. I got one the week before the 4th and will finish its deliciousness tonight.
  • Snocone. We went to Tad's and had some after one of the first softball games. I will probably need to go to the County Fair and get another one to feel that I've really achieved this.
  • Swimming outside. I've been to the outdoor pool twice and the lake swim beach once. Feeling anti pool since I got violently ill after my second visit (norovirus?). 
  • Glasses fogged up when exiting the grocery store. Hasn't happened yet but I have faith in humidity.
  • Fireflies. Nod told me that I must go see the fireflies in the garden on Sunday night. I wanted to just stay on the couch and read but I hauled my bones out the door. And lo, it was great. The lightning bugs were flickering in the garden rows in a beautiful show. Fairies really seemed like the only correct explanation for all that beautiful random patterning.
  • Some sort of midway/carnival rides. I don't need to ride them just stroll among the colored lights and shrieking humans. Still thinking about this. Nod says he is boycotting the county fair this year, that he has seen the sights it has to offer and is done for now. I agree that it offers the rattiest, most flea bitten midway ever but still think I would enjoy a stroll around it one evening. Plus maybe a ferris wheel ride. Am thinking of taking the kids to the Kansas City amusement park dealie. Nod says that sounds even worse so he is being no help on this item.
  • Stone fruit. The Georgia peaches may be done, sigh. Am waiting for the bigger peaches that were in the store this week to ripen. Don't expect to have any to bake because I eat them all.
  • Softball. Yup that one is being thoroughly checked off. Four more games and we're done.
  • Baseball on tv. Bun and I watched the Kansas City Royals beat the Yankees in NY last night. It was pretty great.

Good Lord, perhaps I was meant to be Canadian. I base this on how much I love this blog interview about love of reading. Lord Peter Wimsey ca. Gaudy Night? But wait -- I saw him first! Jam and Idleness is the best blog name since Nothing But Bonfires. The lines that one comes from can still make me cry even though I find they are from The Winter's Tale and not from Lear as I had assumed. I might have to find a version of TWT I can watch, I find that I read plays very badly and don't understand everything that's happening.
First Gentleman: The news, Rogero? Second Gentleman: Nothing but bonfires: the oracle is fulfilled; the king's daughter is found: such a deal of wonder is broken out within this hour that ballad-makers cannot be able to express it. 
Why does that get me so much? Guess it's the found child plus the formal and pagan celebration of bonfires.

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