Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tally ho!

Bun's last softball game of the summer was last night and they had ice cream afterwards and got a trophy. It was a nice evening, lots of camera ready clouds moving around and a steady breeze. We got 90 seconds of rain as we headed home. I wish it had rained all night, maybe we'll get some of that action in September.

I am trying to figure out how to schedule the fishing trip with Bun, the amusement park visit with my girls plus Kat's friend, the next roller skating outing, the giant robot fights movie for everyone but me. These are important things and I don't want to lose this last month before school starts. Just realized that I could take a vacation day and go to the rides, we wouldn't have to do a Saturday. Scheming now.

Scalzi's Red Shirts is good fun. I was sad when I couldn't get through Fuzzy Nation. But this one moves right along and the challenge of figuring out this universe is a good tussle. The characters are a little thin but they're sassy and it's tolerable. Clearly this writer is gifted with much plotting and that pesky character sketching is secondary.

Katy's softball team lent a couple of players to field for the other team who were short-handed. I hadn't seen that happen before, thought it was a good neighborly practice. Watched a little boy with a magnifying glass setting sticks on fire behind the bleachers. His parents were watching too and encouraging him. Oddballs. It was on concrete and did not escalate. But what the hell! Clouds went away unlike Monday night. We were all panting and Nod sent Bun to the snackbar to get me some ice. Had to lie on the couch when we got home. Didn't get anything but reading done before bed. Am reading Half Magic to the kids because they said they didn't remember it much. I like the narrative voice and should now give some witty examples but don't have the book to hand. Kat just read Little House in the Big Woods and said that the vocabulary reminded her of this book which is intriguing. I wouldn't have thought they had anything in common.

Going to see the doctor about my goopy eye which is better but still goopy every blasted morning. I've been using eye makeup again this week because I felt too plain during my two weeks without it. Am ready to pitch the pencil and mascara and buy new if instructed to do so. Must remember to use correct card to pay. Have made checkup appointments for both girls. Asked about the vax's for Kat and what to do about general anxiety on that front. We have a family friend who could give her a counseling session or two. I don't know if she'll be interested in that. I have to tackle her on this in the next few days.

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Zhoen said...

Do throw away old eye make-up. It can get contaminated very easily.