Friday, July 19, 2013


World Harvest Christian Academy, misread as 'World's Heaviest..." Sumo Christian school? Now that I think about it the 'world harvest' phrase is consistent with the evangelical message but creepy as well.

I had a mis-hearing last night to add to my pile. While discussing the weather (hot as anything Thursday and Friday, supposed to be better starting Saturday) I heard the local weather guy say "Tomorrow's high temperature will be ass" which I thought was accurate yet remarkably crude for a Kansas City local tv person. But he went on "...high or higher than today's." So I heard 'ass' when he said 'as'. Still making me laugh.

Now I need a third mis-perception to round out my bumbling progress through this week. I'm tired and ridden by hormones at the moment. Continuing as I began, I am too tired to think of one.

You know you're in Kansas when: Yesterday a coworker asked his friend, "are you going to the gym at lunch?" The friend answered, "No I was baling hay for three hours last night."

An Eva Ibbotson tribute site: Tea with Eva.

Started The Cold Dish after hearing recommendation on NPR and am liking it except that the crime committed by the high school boys is stomach turning. That's the story driver though because one of those boys has just turned up dead. Maybe I can skim the back story bits. I really like big fat Walt who doesn't like donuts and the Wyoming setting.

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Zhoen said...

I think how it all turns out makes a difference. The victim has support, and in later books, does well, makes a life for herself.