Wednesday, August 21, 2013

At the brink

It's been a good start of the school year for both my girls. Today was the first day they left it until morning to make their lunches. I plan to campaign for the evening lunch prep, it makes mornings much less rushed.

Everyone likes their teachers. Kat has at least eight of them so that's saying something. She says she's not sure about the science and gym teachers but still a grand majority get her seal of approval. We staggered through her schedule with her at the open house on Monday evening. She hits all four floors of the school during the course of every day. It's a school that's been expanded several times since it was built in the 20s. It has dedicated up- and down- staircases, an odd little top floor and the sweetest built-in wooden cabinets in some of the older rooms. Katy is going to play percussion in band and is psyched. We need to purchase sticks and a bag and... there's a list. She starts Mandarin Chinese tonight with our multilingual neighbor.

Bun is happy with her 4th grade teacher who "likes to have fun and likes to do arts and crafts". Definitely sounds like my youngest. Bun sewed on a button this summer by herself (she told me about it later) and has made two batches of oatmeal cookies so far. So she gets the homely arts badge. I did take the cookies out of the oven both times because I was scared she might burn her arm.

Next Monday is the start of university classes and in my work group we are fielding lots of questions and requests. The normal state for this time of year. I need to leave for work early on Monday morning so to allow for the traffic and general anthill frenzy that happens on campus.

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Lucy said...

For some reason I find the sewing on of her own button and telling you about it afterwards very touching.

Bonne rentrée à tout le monde! It seems early but I guess you break up earlier.