Friday, October 18, 2013


Humph. Waiting for rain today and hoping that when it starts my headache will be gone. This cold is a slight thing, no suffering to speak of until the sinus pain this morning. Sounds like it's (a good excuse for/)time for chicken soup and a hot toddy. I don't actually know if I like hot toddys but I like the idea of them. Maybe with honey instead of sugar. This digression reminds me of Auntie Mame pronouncing the secret to her host's daquiris with a shudder, "It must be... honey."

Many things to remember for today and this weekend. Youngest can go to archery tomorrow if we give $4 and permission slip to her leader today. No idea if she wants to do archery. Big sis says she will so I guess I'll email scout leader. K needs to do science homework and prep for test on Monday. L sings at church on Sunday.

Rain started and it's sleety, temps in lower 40s. Am going to scurry and pick up kids after school. If I'd sent youngest out in waterproof winter coat and boots I'd let her tough it. Or so I tell myself.

That cat is not mine, it is from Cute Overload. Makes me laugh and is the correct season.


Zhoen said...

Have you looked into using a neti pot?

Nimble said...

Nah, my headache did seem to be meteorological and once the storm started it lifted. My husband has a nose rinsing pot but I have not tried that technique even though I hear good things... I hope I don't get the opportunity.