Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Thank you to the Go Fug Yourself wimmen for letting me know that filming of Into The Woods is underway. Anna Kendrick is Cinderella and ol' Meryl is The Witch. Humming now.

This Belgian window pumpkin that Waffle featured on her blog looks remarkably like a pig's butt.

Which reminds me of the butts song from Bob's Burgers that we saw last night. Here's a list of Bob's Burgers songs: these all look good, and I haven't seen any of those episodes yet. The Capoeira episode is my favorite so far.

I am emphatically hormonal at the moment. I snapped at all three of my nuclear family members on Monday evening. I cried at the 12 y.o. pianist story on NPR yesterday and my boobs hurt all day long. I sniffled after screwing up at work today. I want to spend the rest of the afternoon sighing and eating chocolate. But I'll be brewing a cup of tea and getting through what needs to be done here. A week of vacation next week plus no coworkers on site means no frivolous vacation hours for me this week. Grrrr. The grudgingly admitted upside is that I'll get through with all this before I travel.

Have been trying to enunciate to myself the nature of hormonally skewed thinking that I experience. I would like to communicate this to my daughters who will experience something similar at some time in their lives. I'd like to let them know to distrust absolutist awful thoughts. Sometimes I feel especially ugly and unworthy. Sometimes I feel that doom is hanging over me and soon the worst will happen (no idea what that would be, this doom stuff is very nonspecific). Sometimes I feel that other people are going out of their way to make me angry. Once I could recognize these as temporary emotional weather conditions I felt much less caught up in them. Oh that, it'll blow over.

Yes, even on beyond my cranky state in general,  I am disgusted by my government at the moment. There's so much to loathe: posturing, the statements that mean exactly the opposite of the words in them, the refusal to do any damn work. It's not just the Republicans. I'd like to see the budgeting credentials of every national politician from now on. Can you draft a budget? Can you compromise on a budget? Have you enacted a budget? Have you reviewed a past budget with actual income/expenses? I'll take a home budget, this doesn't have to be for an entire state. But I want to see some evidence of the ability to a) effectively communicate during this process and b) bring it to a conclusion. Here's a good expression of my attitude toward the reaction to the new health care insurance law. Fah!

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Zhoen said...

So they asked an it guy how to fix the government. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"