Friday, November 15, 2013


Tiptoeing through some Thanksgiving recipes. Carefully avoiding making a practical plan for the holiday (maybe this weekend). Here is The Bitten Word guys' Sweet Potato Cake with Marshmallow Frosting. That looks incredible and also appeals because I have a large amount of sweet potatoes in the pantry. Here is their Mexican Chocolate Tart from 2010 which I would like to eat now, please. With the almond extract and the cinnamon it wouldn't be the thing for my husband who has very traditional chocolate pie desires. Like this I think, and now I want to make one of those. I like turkey too but at the moment I wish I could just buy a big pile of turkey wings and roast those. It would look a little funny on the serving platter but it would taste good. I don't suppose anyone wants to buy their roasting bird without wings.

This weekend will be for birthday party planning for Kat. The 12 year old sleepover is a week from tonight. Eeek. Must plan timeline, food stuffs and extra entertainment options. Must get bday present too. That's easy because Kat cut all her hair off and is now favoring dangling earrings. I can find some of those.

We may all go see Thor this weekend. I get the impression that reviews are B-. Per Rotten Tomatoes it's edging out Bad Grandpa, I'll take it! I'm glad that CHems gets to deflate now. Looks like I should go see Enough Said before it leaves our downtown theater. Julia LD, what can't she do?

Dinner recipe bulletin board:
Red Lentil Thai Chile (with coconut milk and red curry paste!)
Turkey Black Bean Chile (with cocoa powder)


Lucy said...

Bit like how we only really want to eat the sausages wrapped in bacon for Christmas dinner.

Have a good holday.

Nimble said...

Thanks, I'm sure we'll have a good holiday but tonight I am concentrating on the 12 year old sleepover party. After we get done with that there'll be time to decide what part we're bringing to the feast.

Nimble said...

Reporting back on the Red Lentil Thai Chile -- very good! I made it with full fat coconut milk, can't go wrong with that. It greatly benefits from a squeeze of lime juice just before serving.