Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Out and about

Back from downtown Chicago and no, I didn't see Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Darn. Nevertheless I enjoyed my brief sojourn among the skyscrapers. Loved this public art project on State St. I just saw it on my shuttle ride in so I didn't know it made noise, not sure it needs to. The lights look a bit like stylized cattails and the frosted glass makes the colors soft. The conference was a good opportunity and I don't think I did it justice. I have a hard time being a committed conference participant. I attend presentations and events but I rarely put myself forward to make new contacts. Heard that the river tour was chilly this time of year. I would love to go back with the fam in a warmer month. I took myself out to see the bean in Millennium Park. Got to ride the El and had to ask a ridiculously nice ticket office person to show me how to use my ticket. (I watched the real commuters but they all had cards that they scanned, rather than my $5 paper ticket that had to go in a slot. Badoomboom!) Bought some decadent chocolate raspberry cake at a French cafe/bakery. So glad my colleague had a birthday to provoke such behavior.

That's me in the pink jacket giving centerstage to the pigeons.


The Nag said...

I'm visiting the Windy City soon. Don't know what I was thinking booking this trip at the end of November - Brrr!

Nimble said...

The only other time I was in Chicago was for Thanksgiving one year. All I remember -- very snowy.