Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cat's mother

Best comment read today:
This reminds me of an old Kentucky expression: “I wouldn’t know him from Adam’s housecat.” 
From a discussion on Language Hat about the politeness of referring to people present in the room by their names and/or titles and not by a 3rd person pronoun. In correction a parent might say, "Who's 'she'? The cat's mother?" This seems very old and creaky to me but the comments indicate that it lives on in some corners of the globe. I wasn't raised with this specific injunction. "Adam's off-ox" is also referenced in the comments. What a nice menagerie.

I haven't any pictures to post showing our Christmas pajamas and rumpled hair. Despite the lack of photographic evidence, we were a happy crew and well fed of course. I have a headache today as though I'd been tippling all Christmas day. This is very unfair as I drank exactly one glass of wine with my lunch (that I cooked). I'm left with the feeling that my husband needs a toy, he received the gifts he asked for which were all very manly and practical and mostly job related. Luckily he gave wonderful toys to the rest of us. And he likes to play with the ones Kat and Bun got (remote controlled helicopter and build-yr-own marble maze).

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The Nag said...

When I was a kid my mother used the "cat's mother" expression often - so often in fact that I often called her "the cat's mother" and accompanied it with a miaow.