Friday, December 6, 2013

Cold, gifts, books

We made it to 20 degrees Fahrenheit today which is a degree or two more than what was forecast. It's actively unpleasant to be outside. If the wind stops it's better but still no picnic. Tomorrow is the horse-drawn wagon Christmas parade. I think we're going to miss it, for the first time since we've been in town. It's funny how sincerely I am wishing that the high would be in the 30s, that would be so much more bearable.

Kat's season of footwear has begun. The snowboots I ordered for her have arrived. She loves them and I think they will be very warm so that's good. They're big on her and that is a good thing for longevity but I hope the shoes and boots of Christmas do not all fall off her. Damned either way I guess, I have to buy big for kids.

Delivered gifts for two kids to church today. Waited until the last minute of course and finished the shopping last night. Now for the family who will need gifts. I had better make a list. This puzzle looks fun but it also looks like a big hunk of plastic.

I'm reading another Jeannette Walls book, Half Broke Horses. It's going down much easier than The Glass Castle did. I like her writing voice very much, it was my favorite thing about Glass Castle too. The Rook was good entertainment. Now the only trouble is that he's set up the sequel but it isn't published yet, not even a title is out.

Our caroling party is tomorrow night. I have to make my cranberry lime syrup tonight for the champagne punch!

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