Monday, December 23, 2013

Dark and Light

Solstice was observed and candles were lit. The ice storm that night was pretty definitive in its own way. I like the thought of the year swiveling on its hinge on that long night.

My Friday night scurrying was rewarded by being able to stay in most of the weekend. Sunday's pageant dress rehearsal was cancelled. I was sorry because a) Lexi's donkey ears and tail have been improved and I am vain about my craftiness, b) I haven't yet picked up my plum pudding from the church ladies. The pageant is tomorrow, Christmas Eve. We'll pick up my MIL at the airport in the afternoon and get back in time. Katy is not singing with the children's choir and so is not in the pageant for the first year in a long time. It's interesting to experience it with one kid being lead donkey and one being the cool middle school observer.

Lightly working today and finishing up. I would like to get to the part where I can put my feet up and have a glass of wine and enjoy the glowing Christmas tree. Seems like there are hoops to jump before that.

Our dog is not enjoying doing her business in the snow. The morning after we got three inches on top of ice she stood on the porch staring for a bit before venturing out. Here's to melting soon for the comfort of dogs.

I accepted another pet sitting task on behalf of the kids. They are watching two little dogs that are crated when no one is home. I am worried about us spending enough time over there. But whatever we manage, at least it's better than boarding them. Their people will be back Thursday night. I figure it'll make the kids *really* happy to be able to sleep in for the rest of their vacation.

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