Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Bear-shaped Eileen tells about a phenom I haven't encountered yet as I do not read much in Spanish. I can pick out useful nouns but am not a speaker or a reader. She observes that in online communication (texting, etc) @ can be used as an inclusive ending to indicate both the masculine 'o' and the feminine 'a' endings. Cool!

I have used up all the butter in the house. This seems like an excellent indicator that the holidays are about over. It's on the grocery list but I hope we won't be consuming it at the same rate. The penultimate 6T of butter went into some Indian Pudding Muffins that were delicious despite my scorching them on the bottom. A link to the library book I found the recipe in is to come. So far Bun has made apple oatmeal muffins in her tiny muffin pan. She likes the itty muffin pan and the pig whisk just as well as I had hoped.

MIL's visit is done. It was good to have her with us for Christmas. The last few days were harder, I felt like we should have had some more structured activities. Much of Nod's anger over childhood experiences has abated. Selfishly, that is a relief to me. We talked about his emo-rating of this visit and he agreed with my observation that he seemed less angry, more irritated. He helped her call the airlines to straighten out the tickets to Crete that had to be deferred because of health crises last year. He hated doing that but seriously, one has to help one's almost-deaf mother wrangle with corporations. Despite his grouchiness he made progress and there is a possibility that we will be able to leave the day after the girls get out of school in May. I am a leetle bit excited. 

The car had a pronounced shimmy after the tires got patched. We took it in to have that and the expected rear axle repair done. I like Jake the repair guy. We need to buy four more tires which I also expected. Nod says that can wait until we've paid some Christmas bills. I am going to put it on the calendar to get the tires ordered by Jan. 10. I want to be free to hit the highway when the spirit takes me.

Explore is my one word new year's resolution. I can hardly lose with that. Many good wishes for peace and discovery to all.

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