Friday, December 13, 2013

Displacement activity

Today's phrase is "painting doorknobs" from Julia's blog. Here's her post about preparing for a holiday party. That one and the follow up post have wonderful comments appended. It seems that lots of women have tales of their husband's odd party-prep behavior. Like raking leaves instead of making sure the house and the food are ready for guests. One of the commenters even admits to such behavior. I'm glad because it is my modus operandi. Under pressure, I would much rather color coordinate my sock drawer than make the living room presentable.

As a matter of fact we're not doing too well on the living room front at the moment. I think I will take drastic action and get out a tarp and put all the small movable objects on the living room floor into it and then bundle it into the basement. Cue maniacal laughter.

Assuming the tarp idea produces results, I want to obtain a tree this weekend. That plan also assumes that our cars are cooperating. The Dreadnought needs its front tires patched. The Maroonbaru could use an oil change and new wiper arms. I am doing a certain amount of denial about these tasks. I've abandoned Dreadnought when its tires got too low earlier this week and have been driving the Maroonbaru. I'm just bad at using a tire gauge. Am I not pressing firmly enough? Am I trying to measure when it's too low? I don't know what the source of my ineptitude is but I respect it. I wanted to buy two new tires for the front but I found out that 4-wheel drive means that you get 4 tires at a time, not 2. So I've come around to the idea we should patch if possible. The Maroonbaru is drivable but old and thrashed. The driver's seat is entirely compressed and getting in is a definite descent. The wiper blades are shot and at least one of the front wiper arms is rusted out and barely attached. The dome light doesn't come on when the front doors are opened. The headlights are pretty dim. But by damn it does fine for my 10 minute commute.

Here's the champagne punch recipe! Isn't that pretty? I remembered the cranberry and lime syrup but forgot the ginger beer. I'd still like to try...

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