Monday, December 2, 2013

Prime Roasting Age

I have hit my turkey roasting prime. I can cook one without stressing out and the results are delicious. I was right about the turkey wings, they *were* the best part. Salty from the dry brine, golden and crispy. Three of us eat turkey and have eaten a great deal of this 13 pounder. I have frozen the remainder and green chile stew is on the horizon. Only two of us will eat that because it will be too spicy for Bun.

The girls thought we should eat off china and silver and they were right. I'm so glad to have them around to get excited about those things. By table setting time I was ready to settle for the plain old plates. Good to have a push to get out the special stuff.

After our feast we trundled off to see a friend in the country who hosts a houseful every Thanksgiving. We don't know her family well so it's a little odd to rattle around with the multitudes and only interact with the one person. Still it was a good outing. Nod had been feeling sick earlier in the day so I was pleasantly surprised that he could manage some mild socializing. The girls found cookies and whipped cream and eventually Bun told me that even though she wanted another cookie she could not eat another bite. I drank coffee so Nod could try the home brew. I love coffee.

Kat's pet sitting gigs worked out well. She conscientiously checked off each feeding/walking on her list. And gloated a bit about her sudden income. I'll help her open a bank account with the dollars. She's got somebody re-upping for Christmas already. I told her this is a good job for her because it combines two of her favorite things, animals and making lists.

The girls are getting shoes for Christmas. Other things too. Between the grandmas and me, Kat's getting 3 pairs. And she will still need sneakers. Hm.

Pasting a link to the King Arthur Flour recipe for Lebkuchen recommended by Gingerbread Snowflakes. I love that they have a button on the page if you want to "CHAT WITH A BAKER"!

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