Monday, December 9, 2013

Sing, Sang, Sung

We caroled and quaffed and it was good. I do feel more Christmas-y now. It is just about as much party as I am comfortable hosting:  cheese and crackers and something to drink. Nod did well getting xmas lights up in and outside and notifying people via FB and not freaking the eff out about What If Nobody Comes?! We had one guest who arrived and seemed put out that the singing did not start at 6:00pm sharp. But he was an outlier and everyone else was much more relaxed. I did not make champagne punch because a) I cannot find the recipe I copied out, b) it was less work to make spiced cider and buy a bottle of Sailor Jerry for spiking than to make an alcoholic punch and a non-alcoholic punch. The cider was good local apple cider plus lemon and orange juice a couple of cinnamon sticks and a few cloves in the crockpot. Easy as pie. Other folks brought bread pudding, cookies, Bailey's, beer and homemade slivovitz. I like the idea of slivovitz but I find the actual drink pretty medicinal.

Today at work I have hit a happy medium. I am warm enough at my desk, hallelujah. I found my nicer wool blend cardigan and am wearing it over a 3/4 sleeve knit shirt. It's a balancing act being warm enough without ending up sweaty. I've retired my old cardigan that was all pilly and slightly too small. It's in the trash without its sleeves which I have made into wrist warmers. I feel warm and triumphant!

Our dog is doing well in the wintery temps and snow. She has not demanded lots of walking although she's willing if we are. A subfreezing temperature makes picking up dog poop more bearable. She's also been busy shedding and I find that black dog hair that is visible on the carpeting is making us vacuum more often than the light colored cat hair that we can't see on the carpet.

Both girls are playing Silver Bells on the piano this year. We've heard it a few times in our house. (Every day for weeks.) I still like the song and am trying to learn the harmony. It comes from a Bob Hope movie called The Lemon Drop Kid. I am quite disappointed that our library doesn't have a copy. Isn't it the responsibility of the public library to own all obscure Bob Hope films?

Just heard a radio piece on the one year anniversary of the Newtown massacre. When a parent spoke about what they would do to mark the day I had to turn it off or I would just sit and cry.


Lucy said...

You should really only own light colour animals and wear ditto coloured clothes and soft furnishings, or only dark. A mixture is hopeless. If one tends to overweight a dark coloured animal is better since dark clothes are more flattering. However, I do find white birch furniture shows dust much less, and the black dog hair dust bunnies can be quite quickly collected from round it.

Lucy said...

Sorry, didn't mean you should wear soft furnishings, didn't proof read my comment there.