Thursday, December 19, 2013


My efforts at removing the accumulated items on our living room floor have been very successful. There is still a big box I'd like someone else to take down to the basement. We still need a place to put our afghans (besides the floor where the dog makes them into dog beds). Perhaps a large bag... I brought up a card table for the tree and another chair and we still have more floor space than before. I win. Got a 4' tree with some green dye and poky needles. But the smell is first rate and it cost less than $20. Nod and I tried to collaborate on getting it into the tree stand. We failed and he stamped off to take the dog to the off-leash park. Which is about the most constructive temper tantrum one could have. I had some food and drink and looked at the tree and fiddled with it. Found the problem was a low branch that was keeping it from seating all the way down into the holder. I got out the hacksaw and solved the problem. I was very proud of myself.

In November I hung up some autumn leaves by threads from the ceiling. This put the cat on alert, she stared at those things for hours. I enjoyed putting them up. And then I was tired of them. I'm ready for the next thing! So I have cut snowflakes and ironed them and strung them with some sequins and I am thrilled with the result. I only have two strings up so far. I'll try to get a photo after I finish them all. Crafty joy.

I stayed home sick Tuesday. I wrapped presents and received several package deliveries. It was hard to make myself rest. Finally at 2:30 I resolved to spend the next two hours in bed whether I slept or not. I had to write down my to do list in order to lie down. It was good I insisted. Got up feeling much better, had a shower, cooked broth and dumplings with kale (big win), and took the kids shopping. Back in business.

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