Thursday, January 30, 2014


The mitten I made that I thought was kid-sized is too tight in the thumb for my 4th grader. Hm. The ones I made for myself were the next size up. So I'll have to split the difference to make hers the right size. This could require notes and counting. Possibly some swearing.

Speaking of math, we invited the world over to watch the Superbowl on Sunday. This is funny because we don't have a big tv. We have a 19"er that we bought at the downtown Oakland Sears store a year or two before Kat was born, so it's at least 14 years old. We also don't have a large living room. Nod announced this morning that we'd be moving the tv and the couch around to accommodate the guesting horde. This is going to be fun! I don't think the chicken wings will hold out very long. I bought two pkgs of fresh and one of frozen and am wondering about roasting them the day before and just warming them up on Sunday. We'll have a table for the buffeting and a cooler for ice and sodas. Can you tell I'm trying not to panic about the cleaning required beforehand?

Katyboo contemplates "the overwhelming drudgery and ultimate futility of life ". Despite my fear of pre-Superbowl housework, I am not quite there. Generally when feeling lowly I contemplate the evanescence of life. Or the oh-so-brief flashes of awareness, pleasure, and clarity we all experience. Each is transcendent but in between is a lot of dross. And we're gone so fast. Even those who live to an advanced age have said goodbye to so many earlier selves. This morning I did my planks and my bouncing and it was good. Operation dontbuyanycandy is going okay in whoa! it's already day three. Face is still scabby and lumped. But just in the one location.

Middlesex is good reading. I like that it is separated into books. Now that I'm into the middle it's ticking along. The sexual development of the narrator is a definite pull. I'm trying to observe that anticipation/unveiling and decide what its purpose is.


Zhoen said...

Oh, Middlesex does look interesting. Not often I hear Petoskey referenced in a blurb. Or indeed, ever.

Lucy said...

' And we're gone so fast. Even those who live to an advanced age have said goodbye to so many earlier selves.'

I know this was ages ago but that keeps coming back to me.

Nimble said...

Thanks Lucy. I think I recognize in you another person who takes the long view.