Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crank on

I like rituals and seasonal landmarks that help us feel oriented in the dance of time. Nonetheless I find myself disappointed in a cooking website that goes from December cookies to January breakfast smoothies. I wouldn't mind a veggie stir fry, I don't think. Moving on, probably should let go of other's dumb blogging decisions. I will confirm two facts: I did buy more butter; I am cranky today.

I intend to get through Blood Magic by Gratton before the discussion next Tuesday. I put it aside at Christmas because it was annoying me rather than warming the cockles. I told someone that it was clashing with the season but that's bullshit. Because I went back to a violent modern noir novel instead. (Can recommend the first half only:  Nobody Move.) Blood Magic is rolling along and I'm only arguing with it a little bit.

American Hustle on NYE was a big success, we had a great time. Kat asked to go with us but we left her at home with her cat sitting and an R movie (The Bling Ring, she doesn't recommend it and I am not sure if I feel guilty about letting her watch it.) So glad we didn't have to deal with the reactions of a bright 12 year old. Almost everyone in the cast was too young to play their parts but they all did a fab job and I can't argue. Sidney's clothes were disco nightclub ready at all times. I am sure those plunging necklines were not daytime looks. But again, the costuming was a broad interpretation. And hell it was plenty entertaining. I hope Amy Adams enjoyed the swindling stripper role.

The Eve also brought me a song that got my attention. I thought I almost recognized the woman's singing voice but no, I've not been aware of The Essex Green before. This is the one that caught my ear and I wrote down the chorus, "arrows and bows aiming everywhere we go" to be able to find it

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