Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last post was to remind me to move towards endorphins. I was watching tv and eating sweets and drinking beer and realized that it wasn't making me happy. Where's my pleasure? More effort is needed at this time of limited sun/outside time. Since then I have done some trampolining and I sat and knitted in the sun for over an hour on Sunday. The arctic air came back that night so effort is still required. I also had a large deep area of acne occur on the left side of my chin. I've replaced my lotion with the most neutral stuff I can find and am babying my face. It occurred to me on Monday that I might want to try cutting down on sugar until my face is better. So unfair! was my immediate reaction. If only I had someone else to blame for telling me to eat less sugar. I will keep it in my mind as an option and enjoy observing all this teenage resentment. I am not buying any candy right now. Let the skin get better.

I now have two mittens my size and one kid-sized one. That may take care of my knitting jones for a while. Although... the sweater I made two thirds of still takes up most of my knitting bag. Last year I failed in several attempts to interpret the pattern in order to join the sleeves. I have thought about pitching the pattern and seeing if I can join the sleeves without it. At this point I don't have anything to lose.

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