Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Katyboo reveals her secret for raising self sufficient children: have them get themselves ready for school in the morning. She says that this is not a recipe for a peaceful easy life but should, in time, yield good experience for the kids in self management. I struggle with this. My kids need practice at making plans and getting themselves out the door. Do I dare let them make mistakes that could make them late to school? Generally not because in that case I'm probably also going to be late to work. They will need to take the lead as they get older. It's a good subject for thought.

I also ask myself what is the proper amount of parental supervision for schoolwork. On Saturday Bun worked on her report on pie. (I love that she selected pie as her subject.) This was the tail end of the holiday break but still acceptable I thought. She made good progress and got about a third of the work done that she needed to. She said it was easier than she had expected it to be. All of us were pleased. On Sunday I chivvied her to get started with the rest of the report. Somehow she oozed away from it. By suppertime nothing had been done and I felt thunderous. Then we got the news that school was cancelled for Monday because of the cold temperatures (high of 5F with superduper windchills). A reprieve. Work was not cancelled so on Monday when I came home for lunch I reminded Bun of her report work that remained. In the evening I found that she had not got it done. So the tv went off and I spent the next 90 minutes keeping her on task. No, don't play with the dog/jump on the trampoline/tell me about a story you read, just do your work. I'd rather lick walls.

I struggled in school with putting off reports and feeling very overwhelmed by them. I know I need to set my own experience aside and support my actual kids and their actual challenges. But oh boy do I want to help them not make my mistakes.

Went to see The Jerk at Liberty Hall and lo, it was very silly. I loved Patty Bernstein, that character was a total surprise to me. Finding your special purpose has never been more meaningful.

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Zhoen said...

I didn't figure it out until I failed, then got hit in the face with the consequences.

I'm always early, do work as soon as possible, so I can relax. I call it the Path of Enlightened Laziness. Do the work first, fast, then sit.

But it took being put back in school, and six months of having to drill times tables every day with my furious mother.