Monday, January 13, 2014

Rise and Shine

I have no migraine, no cold and no nausea. Repeating this to myself should help with the self pity that has reared its ugly head. I feel my full 46 years and am still pouting after yoga yesterday. Yoga is very challenging. It always is whether one is 18 and as limber as a dandelion or ...ahem, a little older and stiffer. I haven't done any since, was it last summer? During the session on Sunday I found it very frustrating at times. The teacher corrected my hands and arms in down dog. Afterwards I felt sullen and sleepy. Then I ate an orange and drank a glass of water and had to admit that I felt more stretchy than before. The bad attitude got better. I might do it again.

I have been getting up and jumping on the tramp for a few minutes every morning to help me wake up. It works to get the juices flowing. It doesn't qualify as a complete exercise regimen but it can't hurt. Sometimes I sit down on the mini trampoline and do butt bounces. I have to flap my arms to keep the momentum going. It makes me laugh.

Our girls and some of the other kids from the neighborhood worked up a performance of What Does The Fox Say? They practiced for a week and we got to see the big performance last night. It was a hoot and a half. Kat played piano chords but I swear she was in the wrong key. The slow spinning lift of Oscar (the fox) by Daniel with some LED spots was extremely brilliant. And Bun (the cat) beamed from every pore while singing and dancing along. Oscar's dad told me afterwards, "We have the best kids!" I had to agree. They are extremely entertaining.

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