Thursday, January 16, 2014


In the middle of my fourth (!) Ruth Downie mystery, Semper Fidelis. I am surprised by how I keep on with this series. She's got a good grab bag of elements and a light touch. I wonder if she (or her spouse) was ever in the military. Am looking forward to starting Middlesex.

Am doing an Alice in Wonder jigsaw puzzle that Nod got me last birthday. I've been thinking of it fondly all this time and now the spheres aligned. With the Christmas tree gone we have room for puzzles on the card table and it's winter so that lessens the moral peril of staring at colored bits of cardboard for hours. It's a charming image and the box (in the form of a book) is darling too. My only reservation in recommending it is that it has thin pieces, the kind you have to be careful not to bend.

I would like to start knitting a new pair of mittens. They were my first project when I taught myself to knit and Bun still wears them. Proud. Ideally I would make them oversized out of fuzzy wool and then felt (boil) them down to soft and approaching waterproof.

Great galloping cats  --  it's mini sweaters.

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