Thursday, February 20, 2014


Rowr, or rather woof. A Companion to Wolves is keeping me up nights reading late. The cover art is a good counterbalance to the Patricia Briggs series (example) that my friend said he couldn't read on the bus without a paper cover to save his reputation. The way the mating behavior of the pack is reflected in the humans' sexual behavior is almost plausible and certainly entertaining to contemplate. The book skates on the edge of ludicrous for me but keeps redeeming itself. The wolf characters are well imagined and of course have made me cry already. Elizabeth Bear has an appealing imagination. She believes in the power and romance of deep friendship. I haven't read the co-author before, am a bit put off by the synopsis for Melusine. Though I suppose I shouldn't knock it 'til I've tried it.

My skin is drying up and smoothing out. The acne on my chin is receded and my nose is healed. I am supposed to be on this antibiotic for another month. My skin should be much improved by then but I'm not looking forward to these weeks. I am a bit dizzy and heartburn-y. But maybe it'll settle down.

And this picture from the LJWorld eloquently expresses both our late winter weather and my almost weekly experience listening to the news from our capitol. Yes, their sign says "EMBARRASSED BY KANSAS LEGISLATORS".

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Zhoen said...

Happy face healing.

Wowza, what a cover. Yes, I'd have to wrap that one in public.