Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nimble Nidra

Yoga last night was good and relaxing. I was more humble this time and didn't get angry at my limited ability to do the stretches. This was a different teacher who was very accepting too. She often made pleased sounds when exhaling and clearly was getting a lot out of the poses herself. It gave me the very good feeling that I was performing internal massage. We ended with yoga nidra, which is supposed to be a body asleep/mind awake experience. I think. I mostly stayed on track and enjoyed the self hypnosis. 'I will concentrate on the light' was what my brain wanted to work on. What does that mean?

Some neighbors have seedlings started with grow lights in the Common House. I looked at them before yoga and realized that some are already the size of micro greens. I could make a salad but that would be very mean. Nod picked up a seed catalog and was reading about goji berry bushes that can grow in our climate. He's ready to order. March is only two days away, come on, come on!

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