Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Uplifting Hunger

It's a new bra day! I forgot about it until after lunch so it has already passed the comfort test. Glad I went and tried things on, the brand I thought was my new home didn't work at all. What happened to the secure buttresses, Olga? What I saw were sad flimsy contraptions. Bali hasn't been my shape historically but they had a stretchy underwire combo that seems serviceable. It was worth the trouble but lordy there is nothing more humbling than seeing myself in an ill-fitting bra in dressing room lighting.

I took Kat shopping, she needed bras too and a pair of shoes. She also got socks last weekend to cover her extravagantly long feet. We were a good team and both got what we needed at one store. At the end hunger and shopping burnout were sneaking up on us. Kat had to tell me to slow down, I was doing my superfast retail walk. We stopped at Subway on the way home to acquire edibles. It was the best (only) meatball sandwich I've had in a long time.

I made pan bread last night. I often make a small amount of yeast bread dough. I do this because I like to eat it raw. This grosses my husband out but I figure it's about the same nutritional effect as eating pretzels. I don't want very much raw and once I'm through with that I cook the rest as flat bread in an iron pan. Often I mix up some salted yogurt with feta and mint if I have it. It was quite delicious last night. I also broiled a couple of eggplants. These are my atonement for the one I allowed to get moldy and had to throw out. I am of three minds what to do with this wonderful stuff. Nod reminded me about Strange Flavored Eggplant which I make into an entree by adding tofu cubes. I found this soup recipe which sounds like the soupy incarnation of baba ganoush. Or something more tomato-y...

I am quite hungry if you can't tell. Don't know if it is the antibiotics or spring fever or just native appetite. I'll get to use it at the downtown ramen place tomorrow for a birthday lunch. Yippee!

Nod is thinking about getting his lower wisdom teeth out. He's been having headaches and jaw clenching and it may have to happen. I am happy to have said goodbye to mine at 20.

Speaking of dentistry, I've just finished Doc by Mary Doria Russell. I can't recommend it entirely but I was entertained. Plenty of anachronistic thoughts and feelings are woven in. But the characters are compelling and the material is hard to resist. I liked reading it especially since I had just skimmed through Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend that Nod had brought home from the library. That biographer's prose is pretty turgid but I trusted his winnowing of some of the fantastical accounts. Including the story of harelip repair surgery on Holliday as an infant. Poppycock! I must confess that I did not persevere with Roberts' text beyond getting to Dodge. His attempts to draw larger conclusions about the nature of Southerners and Westerners, men or women, were not successful.


The Nag said...

Pinned the eggplant soup recipe to make soon

Nimble said...

I made the ginger/garlic/green onion goodness that is Strange Flavored Eggplant. And then I ate most of it. No regrets. I am going to have to start packing a snack if I get this hungry in the afternoon. I have to go buy more eggplant so I can make that soup too.

Zhoen said...

I've always loved raw dough.