Friday, March 14, 2014


Deviled eggs. No one but me is interested in eating them. Good thing I only made 6 eggs. I used plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise because I am a pleasure shunning ascetic. (Or I object to buying mayonnaise when I only ever use it for making deviled eggs or chicken salad and it lives in the fridge for a year.) Consequently they do lack unctuousness but I got the salty / tangy level just right. I will eat them all! Mwahahahaha!

Men's college basketball, conference championship series. It was a squeaker of a game that KU won in overtime yesterday afternoon. I followed the twitter feed and the muted cheering I could hear coming through the wall. I hope they're not all that close but it gave me happy feelings. They play again tonight.

Girl scouts insignia. I ordered the patches and attached them to Bun's Girl Scouts sash. It feels like a major accomplishment, like climbing a mountain and returning perhaps. Bun is insufficiently impressed. I had been feeling quite guilty about not doing it so I suppose getting rid of that feeling is my reward.

Time to think about the Art Car parade... Maybe I should take a picture of the front of our car(s) to figure out how to exaggerate the face aspect.

Perfect expression of the practice of daylight savings time here in the US from Zhoen:
"the idea that you can cut the end off one end of a blanket, sew it on the other end, and you have a longer blanket"

I like this comment on Crooked Timber about the various dancing videos for the "Happy" song by Pharrell (which I remind myself is pronounced fuh-RELL, not feral):
"It achieves that highest accomplishment of art, making the human race appear lovable."
That is a great art goal. I have to think about that for a while.

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Zhoen said...

When my D wants mayonnaise, he gets those little packets from the deli. He does this perhaps once a year.