Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Marching on with taking antibiotics for my skin. The bit to the left of my mouth has a way to go before it's clear. The heartburn side effect feeling has faded (yay!) and now I am left with just hunger. Even though I have a snack at 10:30a I get quite mouth wateringly hungry by noon. Large amounts of my waking thoughts are taken up by food and food preparation. Had a steak and avocado sandwich yesterday that made my toes curl. I'll be broiling eggplant tonight and prepping the potatoes for more of the Indian spiced bake.

I realized over lunch yesterday that I had put some (particularly delicious frittata) leftovers in a container for Kat's lunch but then she had gone to school without assembling a lunch. It was an after-school rehearsal day so I knew she would be hungry and sad if she had no after-school food. I added a small apple, a cute note, and a granola bar to the leftovers and dropped the snack bag off at the front office for Kat. Then I headed smugly back to work and was almost there when I realized that I didn't have my cell phone. I wonder if a glowing Google Glass to-do list in my peripheral vision would help me remember things or if I would tune that out after ten minutes of awe. #1 daughter appreciated my efforts and had eaten everything by the time I picked her up at 5:10.

I am frustrated that I cannot find the link to the frittata recipe. It was kale, cremini mushrooms and onions over thin slices of ciabatta bread with grated cheddar cheese. Bread, vegs, cheese, bread, vegs, cheese, bread, cheese and the eggs and milk poured over. Very good on a snowy day. Nod liked it even though mushrooms. He does not want to be confronted with a significant hunk of a mushroom. But he seems to be fine with mushrooms in things as long as they are cut small enough to disappear into the firmament.

Elizabeth Bear's always worthwhile tumblr has led me to this delightful mini interview with the writer Douglas Coupland. I don't agree with everything but I love his grumpy conviction. And this is the best thing I've read all week:  "I would die on a battlefield for Lucy Liu."

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