Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keep dancing

Three daunting (only to me) challenges this week: all completed! It feels a little like a video game, somehow getting through all the levels where you've died before. Nod had a birthday and will have some more on Saturday. Bun's girl scout troop got their snacks. I went to parent/teacher conferences with Kat. I responded to several urgent emails. I made a to do list and got through some items. I jumped over the bad guys' swinging swords and made it past the slamming gate.

It is my turn to check out movies from the library and never watch them and pay late fees on them. Nod went through a spate of that last fall. I have 42, The Sting and School of Rock out. We are 2/3 through The Sting and it feels like we'll never get to the end of it. 42 isn't going to get watched but I haven't been able to get it returned either so that clinking is the sound of my silver coins going into the fees jar. Still hoping School of Rock will happen.

Kat has accepted a high maintenance* cat sitting job for the next ten days. (Mostly high-maintenance due to the owner but there are 2 elderly cats and 1 young punk cat and some juggling required.) This is a good thing as she is off school for that long. Plus money. All the teachers I spoke with last night said she was productive and a good student. One requested less chatting (this was not unexpected). Kat came with me to the 'drop-in' sessions because I didn't want to try and find all those people on my own. We spoke with 3 teachers she likes and 2 she doesn't like. I said it was important to be civil and she insisted that she *is* civil but still doesn't like them. Okay. We went to the music room and played some percussion instruments after the dutiful portion of the event. Fun! They have converted the original gym to be their band and orchestra rooms. The locker rooms are now large instrument lockers. I like being in the band room. I always did like hanging out with the band fags.

40% relieved that hard part of week is done
12% happy to see the blue sky and sunlight
15% needing to find a new goal
7% pudgy
4% proud of having showered, dressed in clothes I like
10% still hungry
12% travel negotiation stressed

I'd like to get the small guitar strung, maybe we can get it dropped off at the music store this weekend. Nod says he'll work through a kid's beginner book with Bun this spring/summer. I am attempting to entertain banjo-y thoughts. I'd like to make a stab at it before I decide to sell it.

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