Friday, March 7, 2014

Morning Minutiae

Up at 5am ish careful not to tip the cat off the end of our bed. After peeing, back to bed, no Nod, luxurious warm spot, out like a light. 

6:04am clock radio comes on. Swish my mouth out and take an antibiotic. Prop up the pillows and look at my Sunday NYT crossword puzzle book. 

6:40am give up on the idea that I'm going to do any exercise. Select clothes and decide how much I'm going to wash (minimum = face). Deodorant, clothes, wash face. Remember not to get Kat up because the middle schoolers are off today, get Bun up and unzip the dog crate to RELEASE THE HOUND! I love saying that. 

6:58am Snickers comes down the stairs with a merry scuttle of paws. Nod is at the computer and even from the back I can tell he's in better shape than last night (toothache). I let the dog out to pee. Get the report on Nod's night, watch him put a cup of yesterday's coffee in the microwave and shudder. Make a fresh pot of coffee. Call up the stairs since I see no Bun descending nor hear anything indicating progress. Feed animals.

7:12am Bun and I have cereal. I have coffee. Bun is cold, gets a jacket. She is extra sleepy this morning. 

7:25am I brush out Bun's hair since it has been 24 hours since the last brushing and if she does it it will take a year. I braid it and she puts her polar bear hat back on. Let the dog out to poop. Pick up poop, leave bag on step.

7:45am Teeth brushed and coats on, we leave the house. I ask Bun to take the dog poop to the dumpster. She does but enthusiasm is lacking. I drop Bun at elementary school and hie me to work. 

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