Monday, March 17, 2014


Bun biked in the St. Patrick's Day parade with her girl scout troop. This entailed me taking off work to retrieve her at the end of the parade and get her home again. I tried saddling Kat with this responsibility but it wasn't something she was happy about and work didn't mind me leaving and so I went to the parade even though I had no beer at all. I found Bun and after she watched half an hour more we made our way back home. It was mostly sunny and even so I really had no patience for this lollygagging hangout of a dumb parade.

It's spring break week for the girls. Kat's got a cat sitting gig and I have had her put the reminders on her phone so I don't have to remind her. Otherwise I was going to collect half the proceeds. Feeding cats isn't hard. Remembering is the hard part. We don't have any travel planned but I think I'll take them out for breakfast one morning and I'm going to leave early Wednesday and take them roller skating.

The bonfire Saturday night for Nod's birthday party was fun. We had about 90 minutes before the rain started and I didn't even mind the rain until I got quite soaked. There was thunder and lightning and the whole show. Nod got to tell stories and sing songs and seemed very pleased. Gen did the public relations part and that was very effective.

I just read that urine in a chlorinated pool reacts chemically to create gases that can harm our lungs. Aiee.


Zhoen said...

Our cats are very communicative about their food needs.

Nimble said...

Yes but when the cats are over in the neighbor's house they're pretty easy to ignore.