Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Broccoli fritters. Too much trouble I think, but Nod liked them. On to roasting!
I might have to make Quinoa with spinach, artichoke hearts and tomatoes:  recipe. I bought a can of artichoke hearts last night to be prepared. This quickie cheater spinach lasagne was a big hit last night. Except with Bun of course. Some day that girl will make all her own food and we'll all be happy.

Daylight savings is just as delightful as I expected. My goal is to make it through the week alive and with most of my obligations executed. I have parent/teacher conferences for Kat, girl scouts snack for Bun, and Nod's birthday (3/11) to contend with. Oh and for myself, the start of my period. Lots of chances to excel!

If you're like me you'll enjoy reading this chatty retelling of Margery Kempe's life. She was an English Christian visionary born 1373 who dictated her autobiography (she did not read/write). Scroll down the metafilter comments for the quick version of how ping pong co-starred in the rediscovery of her book. (Full version, more dry and scholarly.)

How about some sleeping art?

Dreaming Girl / Treegirl from Mina Braun

 And her delightful Red Riding Hood with 8 wolves and 2 birds:  Sleep Tight

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Zhoen said...

Have passed it on to the history major I live with. He's enjoying it, having done editing for Ann Gorge Lee's diary for a professor, once, long ago.