Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A New Life Awaits You

Watching my reactions at starting an exercise routine. The first day I was so proud of myself and I was convinced that this changes everything! I started rehearsing conversations in my head discussing my before and after states. I could tell it was an overreaction to what was one day of trying something new. I decided to channel all that energy and infatuation and use it to keep the thing going. A secret project was born, to continue on with this activity for one week without talking about it to anyone (including spouse and blog). Today is day 9 so the honeymoon continues and the gag order has been lifted. I was thinking I have a ways to go until I hit 21 days to cement the habit but this Forbes article by the wackily grinning Jason Selk says that's bushwah.'s article cites a study indicating it's more like three to seven months until habits feel automatic, not one. Seven months gets me through November so that's something to look forward to.

I'm doing a walk/jog/walk route that takes me about 30 minutes first thing in the morning. My joints are okay so far. A few knee twinges have proven to be fleeting so I feel this is working. No amazing physical changes have been detected yet. I'd like the middle flab to be modified but will accept a generally improved fitness level.

Looking for a loose knit sweater pattern for the 12 y.o. She thinks she likes open stitches but the holes must not be too big. Have scanned Ravelry patterns until my eyeballs are tired. Will switch to look at books for ideas.

New haircut is a hit with me and others. Need to get Kat take some pictures. I have decided to do a little pruning on the left side of my bangs where it is too heavy. It's good to have a shape again. 

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