Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I am picking at Queen Lucia by E.F Benson. It is a definite flavor and I'm glad I didn't try to read it when I was younger. Although maybe I would have found the characters more purely funny, now I have to think about whether I want to laugh at all these older duffers. I guess I'll read some more and see where the plot leads before I decide if I like the book.

Just finished The Manual of Detection by Jedediah (woo!) Berry. I wonder if that first name comes from family archives, a religious expression or whimsy. It reminded me of Dark City a scifi noir movie hardly anyone has seen with Rufus Sewell. The movie is slanted more toward suspense, the book is not so scary but still has a world contained within a city where the population may be manipulated when they are asleep. I will look for something else he's written.

Mary Poppins is bedtime reading for Bun, Kat has opted out. We had a pitted argument one evening when Kat insisted that I've read it to them before. I haven't but it's the sort of British classic kiddie claptrap that I'm liable to bust out with at any moment. So I can understand her confusion. She's well into YA distopian reading and trying to find the adventure stories she prefers to the romance stories. Ooh, I just checked the Rotten Tomatoes rating for Divergent, the film adaptation of a series Kat loves. That's not a good rating.

We all four went to see The Wind Rises last Tuesday evening despite my crotchety resistance at going out on a work/school night. I'm glad we did it after all. Ours were the only kids in the audience at the art house downtown. The movie was wonderful. Some of the characters are reminiscent of others from past Miyazake movies. I wish it had been in Japanese but it was dubbed in English. Nod said he wanted to go see the Muppets movie en famille but lately he's been waffling; we may go without him. And then Bun wants to go see the new Captain American movie that opens this week. Wow, that one is scoring high at RT.

Bun's birthday month started early last Saturday with getting her ears pierced. We went to Claire's downtown when they had two clerks so she could get both ears done at once. There was a six y.o. waiting to go after and she had the worried brow, her mother was saying they didn't have to get her ears pierced that day. Bun was calm and only had a little lip wobble after the pinch. She seems very pleased with the result.

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