Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Snakes

My Easter Sunday contained multitudes. It was a very good day. We avoided church and did not have to go be a part of family events. Not having to dress up and make it to any scheduled things felt like sweet indulgence. I woke up in a bad mood and wasn't enthused about egg hiding or hunting. I told Nod to stop trying to cheer me up. He worked with the girls, while I got cracking on some breakfast and caffeine. They worked their magic and I felt much cheerier by the time the kids had found all the goodies. Nod made up some clues for them to follow to find their chocolate bunnies. Who can resist a treasure hunt? Bun asked me about mixing up the frosting to decorate the cookies I had grumpily baked the night before. We got out the big fat Joy of Cooking and she sifted powdered sugar. The girls and I had a wonderful time decorating the cookies. Nod asked about photographing them but that is not my idea of fun. You enjoy decorating them, admire them for a little while and then enjoy eating them. The circle of life. Or something.

We took our balding mutt to the dog park. Kat and I have decided that she is a pure bred Semi Balding British Pigdog. Still don't know what the dog is allergic to, I got a mysterious message from the vet that I could not decipher. Dog seems happy if increasingly moth eaten. She was certainly happy to be in the car with all of us on Sunday. Down by the reservoir outlet stream we saw little frogs. And we saw a lot of snakes. A cute little snake beside the path. A big dead snake the fishing dudes across the stream held up, "Watch out for snakes!" The coiled up snake Kat almost stepped on and a couple more in the water. The ones we saw were all in or near the water. I am not a good at identification and while I don't mind seeing a snake I would rather not risk anyone getting bit. We went back up the hill for a picnic and saw no more reptiles. I can imagine combining snakes with conventional Easter symbols could be fun to illustrate.

Back at the ranch Nod snoozed while I watched some baseball on tv. I had gotten a slight sunburn which was probably good for me. Later we moseyed over to our neighbor's porch and sang songs. My favorite new song was The Great Storm Is Over by Bob Franke. (Damn, he has another song I need to hear. "Waiting for Ninevah to Burn" is a great title. I love the name of that city.) Nod and Tilly rocked out with some Jesus Christ Superstar and we sang a variety out of Rise Up Singing. Nod went off to cook for potluck and the women hung out for a while longer. I found out that one of my neighbors is from the south but grew up mainly in South Korea because her folks are missionaries. Convivial goodness.

Just realized that I ate no chocolate on Easter. Is that legal? Not buying any for the kids (except for the special critter in a box) was a good decision.

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The Nag said...

My dog was losing hair. Expensive veterinary treatments didn't help. I eliminated chicken from her diet and substituted lamb and rice. I also add a tbsp.of Aloe Pet to her food. She now has a lovely coat. Same thing worked for the cat after veterinary interventions failed.