Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Less gnawing

Face is better so the doctor said to cut my antibiotics dose by half. I find that the near-constant hunger has lifted. At least it was hunger for good stuff, I was busily plotting to cook vegetables and beans and whole grains in amongst the white flour and cheese. It feels like I will be able to think of something else for a change now. Here and there at least.

I went for a bike ride yesterday evening. I grabbed a fleece layer and needed it. The skies were clear but came with a nip to the air. Riding a bike doesn't feel like exercise to me. Just an outing and a quick opportunity to zoom. I found no traffic at the major cross street so I went out past the grain elevators and turned around at the south end before the underpass. Some skateboarders were doing tricks in the underpass and all was right with the world.

I am trying to wash the dog's ears every day and put anti fungal drops in. She hates it but maybe this will help clear it up. The vet said the thyroid test was fine and now we are waiting to see if they can determine the allergen from a blood test.

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Lucy said...

Dog ear trouble is no fun, well done for keeping at it.

Must get a bike again.