Monday, May 5, 2014

Frozen Glory

I had a small oj margarita last night but not for Cinquo de Mayo. Just because it was a warm spring evening and I had finished many good efforts. I sipped on it as I took the dog out for a short promenade. The Pioneer Woman has posted her blackberry margarita recipe. I love the idea (except for the sugar on the rims, eek too sweet!) even without the booze. Here's an all purpose sorbet recipe that will work with my Cuisinart freezer if I can acquire 4 cups of berries. I figure I could make the berry sorbet stuff and mix up the marg booze and have something for all, the youths, the pure, and the impure among us.

Over the weekend I made beef fajitas for the first time. My original intention was to use this oven recipe (I'm hooked on the site but still confused by seeing the prices next to every effing ingredient). But I feared overcooking the meat. I don't cook beef very often and it would be a shame to have it come out gray and blah. So I did everything in a very hot iron pan on the stovetop. It was very good.

We still need to find a new swimsuit for Kat. I always forget that we have a JCP in this town, that'll be plan C if we don't turn up anything sooner. Target didn't have quite the right thing, too many ruffles in general.

We're going to see her Night at the Museum event tonight. All the grades have done projects on a wide range of topics, there should be much to goggle at. Kat's group is staging the Ancient Greek Olympics.

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