Friday, May 16, 2014


We will be out of the country for ten days. We leave in a week. I just had to delete some exclamation points. There are so many things I don't know: obtaining money, where to wash clothes, how to get enough water on a transatlantic flight. So I know I'll learn things on this trip. Which frightens me, you know how relaxing learning new things is. But we're all very excited. I think we could recharge small gadgets on Kat's aura alone. She begged to help me pack last night. Crazy packing loving organizer child. Maybe over the weekend.

I mowed for about an hour last night and am proud of my accomplishment. Less achey afterwards than I expected. I think it's due to my walkjogwalk routine. I haven't noticed other effects after a month. It hasn't made me noticeably smaller. I am pushing down any vain desire for 'toning' and cultivating an attitude of observation. This is another science experiment and I am open to seeing what really happens rather than demanding an outcome. It feels good to be moving more.

I remember my father going for runs in the evenings when I was 7-10 (he was 36-39). It was during his runs that he noticed weakness or hesitation in his left leg. I think he fell a couple of times and decided to stop running. Eventually he was diagnosed with Parkinson's syndrome, they didn't classify it as Parkinson's disease because he was too young. He was old enough for the full disease by the time he died at 71. The VA established it as related to his service (probably exposure to Agent Orange and similar). I don't run like he did, I haven't gone through boot camp. But here's to having two legs that work and the ability to get out and move.

I've been listening to Jim Gaffigan's King Baby CD in the car. It made me laugh til I cried. Kat heard some of it and thought he was a hoot as well. Raiding the library's comedy recording collection is slightly educational and has enhanced the drive to work. In general I would say Aziz Ansari is not speaking to my generation. I preferred Flight of the Conchords' I Told You I Was Freaky to their self-titled CD. Fashion! Fashion is danger... But now I'm craving the full effect of their Kiwi accents and am going to have to find the show to watch. I think I've only seen season 1.


Zhoen said...

I'm glad you thinned out the exclamation points, they tend to frighten me.

You will be creative and wonderful, bon voyageee!

Anonymous said...

For awesome listening, check out the podcasts at .. tons of great conversations with comedians and actors and musicians and writers....All really interesting folks! And much laughing.