Friday, May 2, 2014


Time to check in on what Nina Paley is up to. Looks like animation and quilting and sometimes a very unexpected combination of the two. She also had me reading about the Chad Gadya, the "one little goat" song sung at the end of the Passover seder, completely new to me. It reminds me of the Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.

I'm striding onward through the second book in Elizabeth Bear's steppes series. This one is Steles of the Sky. I kind of hate the titles of these books. All three are the names of mountain ranges in this world, very so consistent. But bloodless and hard to remember, no hook for my memory. It's my only big complaint at the moment. I think the healer wizards are a little too holy and scientifically rigorous but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying them. Characters are too compassionate, what a shame! Edene is about to give birth and is commanding a djinn in her role as the cursed queen. Excellent drama.

We went to see Kat in her middle school production of Alice in Wonderland last night. She is the 5 of Hearts and has lines in multiple scenes. She's having a wonderful time being in the production and spoke up quite audibly on stage. It's been a good opportunity for her to make friends outside her classes. It was fairly tedious for the audience but cute in spots. I think the greatest accomplishment is the choreography of moving 45 middle schoolers around on- and back-stage for the show. I was sorry there wasn't more language from the original book. As Louis CK says, there is no happiness like the moment you leave your child's performance. Whew. She performs again on Saturday evening. I will take photos afterwards but plan not to sit through it again.

I saw this retweeted by mimismartypants and it makes me laugh and laugh:

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Anonymous said...

Well, not all Alice productions are created equal. Nothing could top your birthday Alice production in high school. ....