Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Box Elder's photo collage for May reminds me that the month is over. I miss it! It was wonderful and I wish it had gone a little slower.

I am very sorry for the death of the bird trapped in the lantern that fell on our porch while we were away. I didn't see any of the young ones in the tumble of the nest but couldn't bear to look very closely. Sometimes existence is revolting.

It poured rain yesterday afternoon and all night and this morning. So far nothing's floated away. I baked cornbread and we ate it with our Cretan honey. I discovered again that cornbread is the most delicious when it's first made. I also made colcannon with potatoes and many leaves from our garden. It was good and really cried out for some bacon on top. Wish I'd had some.

Kat dyed her hair crayon red on Saturday afternoon. I kept being startled when I caught a glimpse of her in my peripheral vision. She asked if I liked it. I said I prefer the color that grows out of her head but that I was glad she was having fun. She and friend B went to The Fault In Our Stars last night. They said it was good and sad. I still haven't finished the ebook that I started last November. I regretted agreeing to be the parental chauffeur last night as it was pouring down both ways. I almost hit a pedestrian backing up in the parking lot. But we all got home safe so that means I win.

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Lucy said...

Yes, it's all going a bit too fast, spring seemed to pass me by rather and suddenly we're nigh on the longest day. Thanks for the link, and good to read about your European trip, and that it went well.