Thursday, June 19, 2014

Important Books

In keeping with my goals of laughing and reading, this is very important news to share.
The Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize was launched in 2000, in honour of the great comic writer P G Wodehouse... 
Sponsored by Champagne Bollinger, the prize is the UK’s only literary award for comic writing, celebrating the novels that have really made people laugh in the past year. 

The 2013 prize was awarded to Howard Jacobson's Zoo Time. Previous winners include: Sir Terry Pratchett for his 50th novel, Snuff; Gary Shteyngart for his novel Super Sad True Love Story; Ian McEwan’s Solar; Geoff Dyer’s Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi; The Butt by Will Self; Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday; All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses an Eye by Christopher Brookmyre; A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian by Marina Lewycka (which went on to be shortlisted for the Orange Prize); DBC Pierre for Vernon God Little (who went on to win the Man Booker Prize for Fiction), Howard Jacobson’s The Mighty Waltzer, Jonathan Coe for The Rotters’ Club, Michael Frayn for Spies and Jasper Fforde’s The Well of Lost Plots.
I approve of the champagne prize, that is very apt and very Wooster-ish. I suppose having a purebred pig named for your novel is also in the PGW spirit, but perhaps a little too on the nose? I must read my way through these. I had Super Sad on my to-read list. I've read Snuff and The Well of Lost Plots and am no doubt better for them.

Currently I'm oaring my way through Without A Summer. It's been a bit more effort than the previous two. Too much family politics, I'm wondering where the glamour is? I will try to reserve judgement until I finish it.

This week has taken guts and fortitude. I think I'm on the downhill side but must keep my eyes open. Girl Scout day camp starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:
{record scratch} {sound of me running to pick up Bun 20 minutes later than usual}

That'll teach me to turn off my calendar reminders. At least I was only 3 minutes driving from the scout camp when they called me to inquire. Bun was with friends and was not distressed. I will take what cold comfort I can that there were still two girls waiting for pick up when we left. 

As I was saying, this week has had it all: day camp, Kat taking the city bus solo for the first time, jazz band class, two softball games, music lessons, jury duty, applying for a new job. I'm not done yet! Caring for three extra dogs starts tomorrow morning. I was not called for jury service this week thank cheeses, but I have to call Friday evening to see about Monday's trials. Jury duty goes through next week. Dog duty goes until mid July. I just looked up the Humane Society's hours so we can use their fenced yard to run the dogs in the evenings. 

I have a loose button hole on my blouse and have to keep re-buttoning today. I need to take a couple of stitches to lessen the sloppy gap threat. I haven't needed any coffee for the past few mornings because my adrenaline level was Elevated. Tomorrow is the last of day camp and my application is in so I'd like to step down from Red Alert. But we start with the doggies tomorrow and what if I forget something? 


The Nag said...

I read Vernon God Little about 10 years ago.It was good but can't figure out why it would win an award in 2013?

Zhoen said...

You will forget something, so don't worry about that. Inevitable.