Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Called to report but not selected for the jury, whew. The judge was pretty charming but the whole experience was stressful. I have to check the message tonight to see if I'm called for Wednesday. If not, then done.

We finished watching Game of Thrones, season three and took the DVDs back to the library for the next patient cheapskate. It was good, seemed more consistently dramatic than season two. We ff'd through some of Jon and Ygritte, the torture of Theon (gah) and all of Sam and Gilly. I don't mind the Babes in the Woods but Nod couldn't stand 'em. Diana Rigg as the Tyrell grand dame was the best. And Davos (new reader and conscience for King Stannis) is now my favorite character. I wonder if the discs for season four will be out by xmas... Here's a good wiki for reference and looking up the umpty-hundreds of characters. And here's the Guardian's episode recaps.

Little dogs are doing well. They aren't much trouble but I feel the pressure of being on call. Snickers thinks they're great and they don't mind her much. We went to the fenced yard at the Humane Society last night. The hounds sniffed and trotted around. Not much exercise but at least some unfettered outside time. Kat was in charge of keeping the littles behind the sunshade so they wouldn't jump on me while I was driving.


Anonymous said...

Definitely fast forwarding thru torture was wise, but Sam and gilly are becoming super important. Sam is one of the most interesting developing characters. ...don't discount him because of his innocence. He's very Samwise Gamgee-esque. Glad you're watching! Can't wait to see yiu....What's the date again?

Nimble said...

Hi sweets, Wed 7/16 arriving v. late, hanging with you until Friday am.

Zhoen said...

I've been called for jury duty several times, only once had to sit on an actual trial. Fascinating process, really.

They kept trying to call me during nursing school, and I could not miss clinicals. Took the Dean calling them up to get them to stop pestering me. A week after graduation, I got put on the trial.