Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mountains to scale

I was invited to apply for a job in another team. It was very flattering to be asked. I had to find a way to politely demur because it happened a couple of days before we left for Greece and I had no brain cells for applying then. But as sometimes happens, the posting was delayed and it has just gone up. The deadline is next Thursday to get my resume, letter, and personal references submitted. I will need to tell my manager that I am doing this after all. We had talked about me cross-training for this team in the future. But I'm interested in applying and seeing what they offer. The original post included a salary range that started above mine. Now it's been updated to read 'salary commensurate with experience' which is a load of crap because this is a state agency with very narrow resources we're talking about. I think it'll be more money than I make now and I will certainly turn them down flat if it is not.

This position is what the educational technologists were doing in the office I started working in back in 2006. I will have to learn how to lead a workshop and many other things. I am sure I can do the phone support and deskside coaching part. I wonder if it will make me feel more stressed than this job. I am going to read the description out loud to myself to gauge my reactions.

I saw a clip of a tv show about Garrison Keillor. He was talking to (college students?) about writing and said something like -- we don't know what we think until we write it. That's part of my sporadic need to write here.

Good-as-full moon last night rising over the ball fields. Both girls are fielding and hitting well. Nod said something about Bun needing to run faster. But considering her relaxed approach to life I think it's a bit amazing that she runs at all. Both of them seem to enjoy this summer softball routine very much. Kat is aging out, this is her last year for city rec league. She may be ready for something tougher next year. As her parent I don't know if I am. I don't know what the options are to get her signed up and I don't know if I'm ready for more intense practices, etc. Stop borrowing trouble, save those worries for next year.

Lots of places to be for the kids next week. Kat will be in music class at the high school. She'll get to ride the city bus and it should provide some spice to her summer doldrums. I think she's getting testy with all this time off. Bun will be at girl scout day camp which will require some drop off time jigging by me. Which reminds me I need to tell my manager about that too.

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Zhoen said...

Ah, but you still appreciate the moon glowing over you, so you, and your girls, will be lovely.