Friday, July 25, 2014


Today we went to the appointment for Kat's last vaccination required until she is 18. No matter what happened I offered her that full five year span of no needle pricks to latch onto. I made sure to ask about the topical anesthetic spray or salve, both when I confirmed the appointment and when we arrived this morning. It was two injections and they had two nurses available to do them simultaneously. After the freezy spray Kat leaked a few tears from the anticipation but then it was over in a flash. And she reports that it DID NOT HURT. We'd both like to rewind the last 18 months and use that spray liberally and faithfully for all her injections. Ethyl Chloride spray, by prescription only, is our new friend. Sorry to have found it for the last one, baby. But better late than never. Godalmighty when is the dang needle-less Star Trek spray injection system going to be available? Dunkin Donuts afterwards.

Bad or baffling flag design blog? Yes, please! Here you are. From metafilter, why shop anywhere else?

KC Royals went 14 innings to win 2 to 1 over (Detroit if only!) Clevland last night. So glad I turned it off at 10:15pm. But yay, another win!

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