Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I have some reading to do on captainawkward.com. I followed a metafilter link to this post about breaking the low mood cycle and I'm very happy I did. Fave quote so far:
We’re just talking about that state that we all get into of wanting to be the Life of the Party but having only enough energy to be the Housepet of the Party. 
[picture of a grumpy cat] caption: “I’m going to stalk dramatically through the center of the conversation and then disappear. Don’t touch me.”
I think I've been the housepet of the party! But probably like a more pathetic cat as in "I'm going to edge around the corners of the party making only glancing, apologetic eye contact and then disappear." Not feeling puny right now but it's always good to prepare for the next time.

I'm busy living in the 18th century right now with Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Here is the Goodreads link for Foreman's biography. I'll probably want to look at the movie too but don't expect the same immersion experience. How letter-dependent this time period was (late 1700s) and what a golden treasury that leaves for historians/biographers/dilettante readers. The culture of high-stakes gambling in British high society at that time is quite a foreign country. This woman lived for decades in dread of her gaming debts. I've read far enough that Georgiana has reached 40 and lost the use of one eye. I keep being surprised she didn't adopt a jaunty eye patch, rather than just feeling self conscious. But I am thinking of earlier ages with their beauty marks and patches and so on. Good book.

No doggie throw up this morning. Fingers crossed for more of the same.

After I get out of the courts of George III and IV I will take a hard left turn and be in Topeka, Kansas in the mid 1960s. A friend lent me a book about the 1966 tornado that flattened a wide swath in the city. She was telling me highlights as we stood in the re-built college buildings on Washburn University campus, home of the frightening Ichabods. Okay, this one here looks pretty jolly but believe me, creepy.

Time to prepare for my July invasion of San Francisco. Not ready, why yes I am!

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