Friday, August 8, 2014


Wish I had time to fiddle with bkgrd image but nope. Just dumping for now. Have been reluctant to take much responsibility in the work setting before now. Part was not wanting to be wrong, not wanting to be point person, impose my will on others. Part was entirely selfish, save my attention and energy for my own stuff. I need plenty of that, I am not a high energy person, there is a limited amount to go around. I like to do things over and over until I am comfortable with them before pressure is applied.

I was worried about having to step in as the instructor of training workshops. That may not be this month but will happen eventually. I do not feel fluent with PowerPoint or presentation equipment so it feels like a big step. For now I am using tools I am mostly familiar with and trying to cram as much Blackboard info into my head as I can. That feels like more solid ground.

This NPR story yesterday evening left me gobsmacked. Four months of walking for an hour a day did not affect the participants' blood sugar levels. Only the ones doing alternated high/low effort walking showed good results. No wonder I had to add some jogging to get any results, walking by itself just wasn't getting much reaction from my body.

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