Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm reading blogs so I should write too, right? Righty right. A rare fresh Waffle post deserves as much. I will not have as much disposable time in this job. On the other hand I may get a smart phone this fall. We may opt for wifi and then I could use the kindle. But those are uncertain options and nothing about our current rickety gift pc makes me want to spend time in the evening squinting at a blog post. We'll see when the days get darker and the cold moves in whether I'll cosy back up to blogging.

Rather uncomfortable taking my leave of the co housing neighbs. I love the mowing (after it's done). I hate that certain folks are on the hook to the bank and they haven't been able to sell the open units. I love the porch. I love my husband's gardening. I hate the sense of disappointment I feel. I tried to go to a book club meeting last night but while I was putting away clean dishes in the common house there was a general meeting of the owners and it was uncomfortable tiptoeing out past that. As I said to Nod last night I have made it clear that it is not my business so I'd best leave it alone.

Non specific stomach pains had me at the dr's office with Kat yesterday. Ruled out anything scary. We're trying avoiding dairy for a week but neither the doc nor I think that's the thing. Wash the dog's ears, avoid dairy for oldest kid, more moving targets for the week?

Days getting shorter and I can't run in the dark. Have to make efforts to shift the routine, aiee! More boxes obtained and filled. Anxiety mounts but it's not keeping me up. Let's see what happens next.

Went night swimming last Thursday with Nod at the naked pagan pond. It was so beautiful, even with insects dive bombing our heads. He wants to go again tomorrow night because it'll be hot. I think I'll go. He's so greedy about pleasure. Sometimes it drives me bats because the priorities are off but sometimes I am grateful. We're alive and we'd better grab it now!


Zhoen said...

A lot of my stomach pain as a kid was due to anxiety, both at home and school. Better fiber and less bread helped me as an adult. And just knowing not to ball up, but stand straight and breathe, made a difference.

She has my sympathy.

Nimble said...

Good news, no stomach pain on Wed. I think yesterday was okay but need to confirm. 7th grade is enough to give anyone pains.