Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Flinging happened and we started sleeping at the new house on Saturday. I would have camped out in the old place for longer. It's probably a good thing we have Nod's yang energy to propel us sometimes.

Everything was very dusty. Some of it still is. I was embarrassed when I saw how dusty the furniture the movers were picking up was. They did a good job and were all four very pleasant which was entirely unexpected. I realized while cleaning the old place that I'm bad at cleaning for myself. I clean to deadline and for others but not much for myself. I can do the kitchen and make beds. Would like to learn to do the other stuff so order is maintained and can be enjoyed. I am also drawing up a legally binding document for the four of us to sign agreeing that no clothing will be left on the floors at the new house at any time. I am eager to start cleaning and re-arranging in the new place but am holding that pleasure as a treat for when I'm done making the old place presentable.

We're also off tv as the cable service has not been relocated to the new place and I haven't yet figured out how to rig the digital converter to our old picture box to see what we can get for free out of the air. (Prediction: not much.) I appreciate saving the pennies. Nod wanted to keep Bun from the clutches of the Disney Channel.

Girls are doing well and being extremely self sufficient. I realized that I hadn't had a pep talk with Bun about how her schedule was changing and she needed to remember to get picked up after school with our next-door neighbors and what to do if there was an emergency since we don't have a phone yet. But all went well, she got home in good order and now she has the emergency plan.

There is no phone jack that I could find in the house. Hm. My plan to live partly in the technological past and partly in the present may have run into a snag.

Emma Thompson plays Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd on PBS Live from Lincoln Center this Friday 9/26/14. I will drape my antenna cable and see if I can find it. (Prediction: no.)  Here's the Jezebel write up, the last clip shows her and her fox stole, the darling.


Bee said...

Hey there, old friend!
Just got back from Texas . . . my main way of connecting with my Texan past is to eat lots of bean and cheese tacos. Memories of Taco Cabana fun.

Good luck with your new house. The best (and pretty much only good) thing about moving is that deep cleaning and fresh start. There may be people who move around their furniture to get to the dust that lives behind and beneath, but I am also not that person.

Nimble said...

Hi Bee! Dan told me you were living in Texas but it sounds like you were just visiting.
I fondly remember the tortillas with the perfectly toasted spots on them from the griddle at TCs...
I miss your blogging. Guess I should take pen in hand and send you our new address. Same as the old except for 1530 RI St.

amenaneri said...

Congratulations on the move! I hope it is a wonderful change for everyone. And kudos for bravely taking yourself in hand and leading workshops!

You are awesomeness embodied.


Zhoen said...

One place, as the movers took out furniture, we found a litter of fortune cookie messages behind everything. Hadn't realized how much we'd ordered out, living there.