Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Score so far

Things I did today and it's not even 11am:

Went out to breakfast and had fried eggs and fried potatoes and bacon and avocado (which would not have benefitted from being fried). Caught up with my former work team-mates who seem well. Drank all caff coffee which left me a bit edgy.

Unzipped the dog from her crate. Every night we throw a trisket (or something crunchy) in to get her to go in the crate for bed some time after 9:30p. The crate is a large sized nylon sided travel crate that my mother gave us for the kids to play in back when they were toddlers. In the morning Snickers is happy to tumble out when we unzip the door. She never whines or barks to be let out and I am humbled by her restraint. When Hollister came over this summer she didn't know about the crate and went all over the house calling for Snickers without finding her. H was starting to panic thinking that the dog had gotten out of the house somehow when she finally noticed the big blue crate in the living room and the dog watching her and wagging her tail, waiting to be seen.

Learned a couple of new things about the software tool my job is built around. So much to learn, so much teaching background I don't have.

Walked across campus. I park by the computer center even though I am now working (again) in a building in central campus. It's better to spend my time walking to/from the lot than threading my way to a closer parking lot and dealing with car and foot traffic.

Called the elementary school to say that Bun would be home sick again today. But the good news is that her forehead felt cool when I checked on her this morning. Here's hoping she'll be ready to go to school tomorrow.

Emailed our new landlord to set up a time to get the house keys and do a walk through next Monday evening. Excited but also dealing with a glum spouse. Poor Nod used the phrase 'anticipatory dread' a couple of days ago.

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